Step 1 The slide button (I)
Does the fluted symbol with an arrow above it, on the bottom of the pyramid, look familiar to you? Look for a knurled (jagged edged) button on the top of the pyramid!
Step 2 The symmetrical math problem (II)
If you press the protruding button on the dashed line, which number can you see? Look for those same symbols on the bottom - perhaps something needs to be uncovered here? Keyword: symmetry
Step 3 The combination lock
On the underside of the Quest Pyramid you have calculated the 4 numbers using the symmetrical math problem, maybe these can help you with the combination lock? Attention: Each number must be set exactly for the mechanism to work
Step 4 The floor spin
If you look at the pyramid from above, in which direction do the 4 arrows on the 7th floor point (counting from bottom upwards)? Something must probably be pushed in that direction. Warning: this function only works if the combination lock has been successfully opened and the piece of wood with the small arrow has been removed.
Step 5 The Magic Circle (III)
Now that you have aligned the top of the pyramid correctly, you can find these hieroglyphs on the underside of the pyramid. However, take a closer look - do you think there is something strange about the hieroglyphs themselves? Have a think - each shape is unique. How do the shapes differ from one another? It depends on the number ...
Step 6 The gear (IV)
If you hold the gear up to the light, you will see a certain number of holes shining through. With certain positions of the wheel, there is a symbol - where could these symbols be used?
Step 7 The 4 sliders
Attention: for this task you have to solve the puzzle with the gear wheel and set the pyramid tip correctly as an orientation! There are 6 different symbols on the 4 sliders, a few of the symbols appear on the pyramid - but where exactly? The hieroglyphs in the magic circle and the symbols on the sliders must be combined with each other using the gear. The top of the pyramid will guide the way.