Step 1 The 4 sliders (with arrows)
Look at the spacebar from all sides. Pay special attention to the page with 9 numbers circled. To the left of the "number house”, you will find 2 numbers above the triangle and 2 numbers below the circle. Look at the two numbers separately and think about what relation they have to the “house of numbers”. You must understand that circles 12 and 69 could be important. The same goes for the numbers under the circle - that is, 46 and 79. If you look at the side of the frame that shows a circle with two rings around it, you will see that this side has something to do with the previous one. "House number" must be made. Now you need to check which arrangement of the circles points to which symbol. Then you have to set this symbol to circle and triangle using the slider. When you've set two sliders, note that you can also see two shapes on the opposite side of the gap. You will find 2 more numbers above the rectangle and the hexagon. This also takes you to 2 symbols that you can set with the slider.
Step 2 The hidden maze
If you now look at its back, you should see a pattern. What does that remind you of? The pattern represents a labyrinth which is located inside the box. In this maze you will see 2 circles at the bottom. The right circle represents the starting position of the ball inside the space box. The left ball is the desired target position. Now, try to move the space box so that the ball is in the right position.
Step 3 The gear
Turn the gear and read the messages on the back of the space box. What can be seen there?
Step 4 The long piece of wood
Find out where the long piece of wood fits into the space box. Is it possible that you are opening a hidden drawer with an object?
Step 5 The mirror
Use the mirror, as this will tell you which letter to start with in the alphabet salad.
Step 6 The magic key
Next to the already open hatch you can see a navigation through the mess of numbers in the upper right corner. The letters you receive tell you the correct alignment of the 4 thin sliders. Attention: It is important to start with the correct letter and this is not X :)