Step 1 Turn The Cogs
Hello dear puzzle enthusiast! Do you need some clues? Fort Knox is indeed a mysterious place, it is understandable that you need some help. I recommend you have a pen and a piece of paper ready to write down your steps. Look closely at the Fort Knox box and look for numbers and symbols.
Is there anything you've noticed? Let's look it up together: Did you spot the numbers? Let's start with the 1. Under the 1 there are 3 cogs. The top one is fixed, the other 2 can be turned. Think about which symbol you can make with the help of the 3 wheels. Look at the cogs from above.
Step 2 Search the gold
Let's start looking for the gold.... If we look around a bit, we will find huge gold bars. The metal shines a lot in the sun, you won't miss it of course! To take this step and find the gold, we need a shovel.
Step 3 The gear
Look closely at the box. Can you see the big gear wheel on the side? Turn it and you'll get the second symbol.
Step 4 Illuminati Are Watching Us
Super! Now the gold is ours. Have you heard anything about the Masonic mark? Well, it can be found here too, take a closer look. You can find it at number 4.
Step 5 Adjusting Gears
Let's return to the mechanics, more precisely to the gear. We need to set it correctly to find the new character.
Step 6 Roman Numerals
You probably already noticed that Fort Knox has many Roman numerals. And this is not a coincidence, they all show you the right way to the next key. Let's take a close look at where they are (in two places) and build up a logical chain of how to use this.
Step 7 Time To Open Fort Knox
Whoo—hoo! The final step. We found all the keys, it's time to open Fort Knox! Hopefully you have written down all the symbols on a piece of paper so that you don't forget the secret signs. Find a suitable place in Fort Knox to enter all the signs — make sure to enter them in the right order and in the right direction to take out the piece of wood.